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If You're a Tenant or a Landlord ...

If you're a tenant or a landlord, we focus first on your needs, whether you are a tenant leasing office, retail, restaurant or industrial space, or a landlord negotiating a lease with a tenant.  Our firm represents clients in all types of leasing matters, and we can advise you in the preparation, negotiation and review of letters of intent, early entry letters, space leases, ground leases, guarantees, subleases, assignments, licenses, SNDA's, leasehold financing, lease modifications or terminations, or lease disputes.  Your lease is more - much more - than just a rent payment, and we help clients understand the wide range of issues that they may face throughout the entire life of that lease.

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If You're Responsible for Commercial Leasing ...

If you are responsible for commercial leasing at your firm or company, we can give you the perspective and advice you need to lease and build out your locations, prepare entrance and exit strategies from a location, dispose of leasehold liabilities, manage your firm's portfolio of leases, prepare for an acquisition, or even work out disputes arising from leases with your tenants or landlord.  Because we've been in your shoes, we are available not only as counsel, but as a business resource for you at every stage of the lease's life cycle - whether you're signing a lease, dealing with issues at current locations, creating pro-formas, preparing to relocate to new space, or handling the those not-so-obvious issues that come up with turnovers of space at the end of a lease term.

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If You're a Owner or Purchaser of Commercial Real Estate ...

If you are a developer, owner or purchaser of commercial real estate, we can advise you in connection with the preparation, negotiation and review of lease, loan and financing documents, purchase and sales agreements, condominium documents, title insurance, or any type of due diligence, as well as working with clients and litigation counsel to manage disputes and litigation related to any type of commercial real estate transaction.  Our attorneys have pioneered novel declarations for condominium conversions of mixed-use commercial properties.  We understand that entering into a lease with a new tenant is just the beginning of a relationship that can span many years, and we can help you get that relationship off to a good start.

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If You're Looking to Buy (or Sell) a Business ...

If you own a small business or if you're looking to acquire a small business, we can advise you from the very beginning.  We've worked with clients who are still only considering whether to buy or sell, and we've worked with clients to negotiate term sheets and structure deals that work for all involved.  We've helped clients with non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale agreements, entity formation, entity capitalization, financing their deal, as well as all types of due diligence.  From structuring the deal to questions that come up after the deal is done, we bring an unique perspective of business and legal experience to help clients succeed in their new venture.

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If You're a Franchisor or Franchisee ...

If you're a franchisor or franchisee, we can advise you in connection with coordination, preparation, negotiation and review of franchise agreements, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, inventory and business financing documents, asset purchase and sale agreements, leases, subleases and guarantees, and disputes and litigation, together with litigation counsel, related to any type of franchise arrangement.  Our firm represents regional and national franchisors as well as franchisees, drawing on our extensive knowledge of retail leasing to advise clients in connection their franchises.

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If You're a Lender ...

If you're a Lender, we can advise you in connection with residential home mortgage loans as well as commercial loans secured by real estate or other assets.  We can assist you with all aspects of the transaction, from the due diligence to the preparation and negotiation of loan documents to closing itself.  Attorneys in the firm have worked with a wide range of collateral and can help you understand the risks unique to different types of assets.  We can assist with you all your title insurance needs.

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