Georgie Hotchkiss

"The attorneys at HLF foresaw our acquisition problems, kept us from falling into trouble, and saved us money with their legal acumen and business guidance. They listened and anticipated conflicts, averted problems and gave us great practical solutions in multiple situations. They really do “Think Ahead” and “Plan Success”.


All the details of our acquisition were professionally handled, addressed with foresight, and we couldn’t be happier. They recommended a financing structure which will be a long term asset for us. They opened doors for us to other professionals and those relationships became a great asset for us in our acquisition.


Attorney Holiday even reminded us (later on) about our lease term, so we had enough time to meet with our landlord so as to not get caught off guard in our lease renewal. Holiday Law Firm will continue to be our “go to” law firm for years to come! "


Georgie Hotchkiss

President, The Gifted Hand

Wellesley, Massachusetts