James J. Crear

"We recently elected to move our offices and manufacturing to a newer facility fashioned more for our needs. Our old landlord, a large regional entity with many locations and facilities, unfortunately lost the bid to keep us due to pricing. In the process of ending our contractual relationship, they determined and assessed our turnover and restoration obligations under our older 1999 lease and amendments. They were demanding payment and/or performance by us. We couldn’t clearly determine our turnover and restoration obligations under our old lease contract. We were frustrated and our backs were up against a wall.

Holiday Law Firm was referred to us by our outside attorney, who had recently negotiated our new 2009 lease, as commercial leasing experts who could handle this kind of commercial lease turnover and restoration dispute with our old landlord (instead of him). Holiday Law Firm did a thorough review of our old 1999 lease contract, its amendments and related documents; and counseled us through technical turnover and restoration negotiations. Due to Attorney Holiday and Holiday Law Firm’s skills and counseling, we settled our dispute, and saved over one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in alleged potential turnover and restoration costs. They are the experts."

James J. Crear,

Facilities Director, Top Layer Security